It was a night of mixed emotions - Nervousness, fear, optimism, aggression, and relief.  There has been a spotlight pointed directly at the collective masked face of Slipknowt for some time now, as the band are almost a supergroup of some of the most prolific names in the North East Metal scene. They have a full UK tour scheduled this December and they have a show booked at Newcastle's own O2 Academy. They have achieved more than many bands have been able to in a lifetime, all before their debut gig. 

It was very tense indeed. The guys were not their usual selves. During the support they stood back and had a beer. Watching, waiting. It was almost like their nerves had kicked in, although if you were able to look beyond this veil of anticipation, it was clear that all 9 members had a completion of confidence.

Everyone had one question - Will this work? Will they be able to pull this off? How close to the real deal are they going to be?

Your answer - Yes, Yes and Very.

As soon as the XIX intro track, it was clear that Slipknowt were here, and they weren't going to fuck around. It was incredibly eerie watching them come out, their mannerisms were almost identical to the real Slipknot.

Complete with beer kegs and baseball bats in tow, it didn't take long for the atmosphere of tension and angst to break down into an explosion of violence and insanity.  

Slipknowt played an unrelenting set of classic slipknot tracks including People =Shit, Duality and Spit It Out. They even included the recently released track Devil In I and rare tracks like Snuff, which I have never heard live before

Yes, Slipknowt are quite possibly the hottest new tribute band in the UK. I would strongly recommend going to see them. Rest of the photos I took are to come soon




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