A Day With Digits

Back in October, I received a Facebook message from my friend Craig. Craig is a local musician and a guitarist in Digits, a local originals band. 

The message basically said that they needed a photographer for the next day at 3pm as they already had a shoot booked but the original photographer had to cancel, and would I be willing to do it. 

After discussing the details of the shoot, I agreed. I met the guys at Chris's (Guitar, vox) studio and got to work. The basic idea was to create a "band in a box" type atmosphere, where they guys would play a few tracks and I would just shoot - Kind of like a personal gig. 
Matt (drums) also wanted to use the opportunity to capture some film footage for, what I can only presume is, an upcoming promo/music video. 

Now back to this band in the box lark. Being budget conscious people, the guys achieved the lookby gaffa taping some black bedding sheets and curtains across two walls and from a speaker post to the other wall. Needless to say, hilarity ensued when the sheets just fell off. Funny little quip about this - after 4 hours in the room, the humidity was so strong, it caused the glue on the gaff tape to simply become ineffective. 

After the shoot, I was told that there may be a chance of some of the images being used in a magazine and that the band would like to offer magazine some of the photos to use first. This didn't bother me too much so I agreed. Unfortunately the magazine didn't feature any images. 

The flip side of this now means that I can share the images with everyone. 

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